Wednesday, April 1, 2015

China-Backed AIIB Investment Bank

Australia/Netherlands/Russia Joined AIIB

Australia, Netherlands and Russia, became the latest three countries who have joined the China led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank – AIIB adding power to an institution which is seen as enhancing China’s regional as well as global influence. Taiwan will also be submitting an application to join the Beijing led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank in spite of historical hostility and absence of formal diplomatic relation between them.

In a recent revealed statement, Charles Chen, Taiwan presidential office spokesman informed that joining the AIIB would help Taiwan in its efforts at regional economic amalgamation as well as raise the possibility of linking other multinational bodies. It is unclear whether Beijing would be accepting Taiwan’s application in joining the AIIB.

The bank is envisaged as a significant obstacle to U.S. efforts, in extending its influence in the Asia-Pacific region and also in balancing the growing financial influence and assertiveness of China. Several countries inclusive of United State fail to recognize Taiwan due to pressure from China. Taiwan does not seem to be a member of the United Nations, the World Bank or the International Monetary Fund.

Several Countries to Join 

The AIIB seen as a challenge to the prevailing institutions, the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, has drawn a reply from the United State even though European U.S. Supporters whichinclude Britain, France, Germany and Italy had earlier announced that they would join the bank.

Turkey and South Korea have also informed that they too would be joining in while Brazil, one of China’s top trading partner informed that it would sign up and that there were no conditions set. The office of President DilmaRousseff mentioned in a statement that `Brazil is very interested in participating in this initiative’.

Igor Shuvalov, Russian First Deputy Prime Minister, according to an official Xinhua news agency, stated recently at a forum in Boao on the southern Chinese island of Hainan, that the country plans to join AIIB. At the same forum, according to Xinhua, Mathias Cormann, Australian Finance Minister informed that the country was planning to apply as a founder member which was later confirmed on the news agency that Georgia had also made an application.

Deadline Set for Joining as Founding Member - AIIB

Britain and Switzerland had been formally accepted as founding members of the AIIB, a day after Brazil had accepted China’s invitation to join in, according to China’s Finance Ministry. It also informed that Austria also had applied to join and had submitted their documents to China.

Taiwan’s statement has reported that China had set Tuesday as a deadline in becoming a founding member of the AIIB, encouraging a rush of nations which includes Russia, Australia, Denmark and Netherlands to indicate their intentions to join. In all 42 countries have applied.

The United States has advised the countries to think carefully about joining the AIIB till it shows adequate standards of governance as well as environmental and social safeguards. China sees Taiwan as a rebel province and has not ruled out the use of forces in bringing it under its control. Since Taiwan’s present president Ma Ying-jeou took charge in 2008, the enmity had deteriorated considerably and the two parties have signed several deals of trade and investment.


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