Friday, December 11, 2015

Free Super Bowl Ad for Small Businesses

Super Bowl Ad - A Dream with Huge Monetary Strings Attached 

For several industries, a Super Bowl ad seems to be a reserved dream having huge monetary strings attached. But each year, only a single industrialist tends to gets a free award, a 30-second Super Bowl commercial in the Small Business Big Game contest. Around 15,000 small businesses had applied in 2015, for the Small Business Big Game contest and only three finalists were left. To begin with, the field is tapered to 10 finalists through a panel of judges who tend to review each enterprise depending on numerous factors which comprise of authenticity, passion as well as an emotional connection to the public.

The ultimate three businesses tend to get selected from this collection in agreement with a popular vote. Advertising being on parity with the proper finances in order, this could be a great opportunity of enhancing a business. This event has been sponsored by Intuit QuickBooks where the grand prize spot seems to be valued at $5 million. This contest tends to draw thousands of small business, yearly, who are hopeful and tend to look forward towards new and affordable means of boosting their business and drawing new audiences.

Small Business Big Game Contest – Ideal Solution for Small Businesses 

The winner tends to get the free Super Bowls add, however, the second and the third place businesses tend to receive a $25,000 prize together with a free local media spot which is valued at $15,000. But some understanding business owners seem to know that advertising on par with thorough financial planning as well as the ultimate consolation prize is the free publicity.

 For instance, the ten judges who are the selected finalists tend to ride the free publicity wave with social media hastag in order to support them to maximize their branding. To win the competition, it does not need the biggest number of followers of social media. On the contrary, judges tend to concentrate on the passion, ability, community involvement and much more of the business.

This year’s favorite, in fact had the least amount of likes on Facebook. However, it seems active in community events as well as children’s sports leagues resulting in steadfast support of its community. Small businesses with the need of little help in reaching national audience abroad could turn to the ideal solution of the Small Business Big Game contest.


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