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Monday, July 5, 2010

W D Gann, A Legendary Trader of Markets

GannGann was born on June 6, 1878 in Texas, USA. His father was a cotton industrialist. He started trading the stocks in 1902 when he was 24.

An avid reader of charts, he developed over the years a Technical Analysis method to determine the movement of stocks. He never revealed the method to anyone but he hinted that his forecasts were based Law of Vibration. He accurately forecasted where a stock would sell.

In 1909,  'The ticker and Investment Digest" Magazine reported they had oversaw his trading for October of that year and it included 286 winning trades and 22 losing, a win rate of 92%, which is unthinkable even now.

He also hinted what ever happened in stock market had happened earlier. He said, ‘History always repeats itself’. Later, he used astrology in predicting the stock market movements. And also Gann described the use of geometrical angles in the stock market.
After acquiring a huge fortune, he started teaching students of Technical Analysis. He wrote the following books;-
  • How to Make Profits Trading in Puts and Calls
  • 45 Years in Wall Street
  • Truth of the Stock Tape
  • How To Make Profits in Commodities
  • Truth of the Stock Tape and Wall Street Stock Selector
Any Student of Technical Analysis should at least have some insight about his method to be a successful Analyst.