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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Activity Based Costing or Management

Back testing and Benchmarking Understanding the mechanisms of formation costs to identify areas for improvement in profitability is the primary purpose of the ABC / ABM (Activity Based Costing / Activity Based Management). It is indeed a powerful analytical tool which allows to decompose and analyze the costs of products and services sold (to customers both internal and external clients).

Policymakers have through this method of indicators structured to enable them to consider changes and simulate their impact in terms of costs and therefore profitability. By the adaptation of the process, creating a new product, the projection of a new organization are guidelines that can be accurately valued using the ABC model. Officials thus have elements that accompany in their projections and decision making.

The method is now developing rapidly in Financial Services, with a view to constantly improving the profitability of operations. The factoring industry is no exception to this trend in a context of shrinking margins, among others. It is now necessary to drive a very thin cost of each activity and each service. Furthermore, the implementation of this approach is the opportunity to industrialize its processes (if not already) and to induce a change in the behavior of internal company departments (development policy consumption of resources and activities, awareness of the concept of internal customers requiring a relationship and level of service as professional as the end customers).

The objective of this is to illustrate the development and gains of the method applied in the context of factoring.