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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Heavy charges on the Credit Cards

The latest survey conducted in France points out the lack of transparency in the banking community regarding fees and charges levied by them on credit card transactions. Sense of opacity and injustice are the two main feelings expressed by the artisans and traders surveyed by the   on the commissions charged by banks on credit card transactions
According to the latest survey , commissions  weigh heavy for these entrepreneurs. Between 0.5% and 1% of their turnover for the three quarters of them, plus a set fee from the rental payment terminal at the telephone terminal via the contribution for those offering financial payments on credit.

 Over 40% prefer to limit their costs by denying the CB below a minimum purchase, while nearly half say they are aware that these practices adversely affect their turnover business.

The banker did not explain how the amount of commission or the default interest is arrived; entrepreneurs are forced to do their own calculations and analysis more over variation as a function of turnover for some of the industry for others, even the client's head for 28%!

For artisans and traders surveyed by the Team, the solution lies in greater transparency of bank with one hand, the average rate of release that would allow them to play competition and, secondly, the provision of summary of fees charged. In contrast, only 20% considering Government  intervention, with setting a maximum charge of credit card transaction or incremental costs of commission.