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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Package Testing Services

When important medical products are prepared for shipping and transport, it’s critical that products are properly packaged to ensure their safety and security. That’s why it’s good to know there is a company that specializes in creating quality packaging for just this purpose. Medical package testing is one of the areas that TEN-E Packaging Services specializes in, and TEN-E stands by the quality of all its packaging services.

Offering Expertise and Versatility

TEN-E Packaging Services is a leader in providing package, material and product testing services for companies throughout the world. Our expert team specializes in the safe delivery of dangerous goods and in package testing. Our team has come through time and again to help companies ensure that they are using safe and secure containers for transport of their materials. All of this ensures the protection of a company’s product line and brand name, which is why they promises to deliver accurate and thorough package testing for every company that retains their services.

Experience And Quality Performance

Their Packaging Services has been meeting the needs of its industry clients for over 25 years. Our solid track record in delivering quality service is what had made them a leader in the field of industrial package testing. They delivers top service for clients in all aspects of packaging in several areas.

TEN-E has expertise in Medical, Regulatory and Environmental services. Our package testing ensures our medical and pharmaceutical clients that they can rely on the safety and performance of their product packaging.They also ensures that client packaging will always meet or exceed regulatory requirements. We also help to validate that our clients' products and packaging will hold up and perform to the highest standards in a variety of environmental conditions.

The services offered by TEN-E go beyond our packaging services. We also offer in-depth training services for Haz-mat employees to ensure that any employee entrusted with handling dangerous materials is fully trained and certified. We also offer training (according to Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations) for professionals involved in the design, handling and shipping of hazardous materials.

TEN-E is a company that truly goes beyond in its quest to offer the highest quality packaging services. When it’s time to call in the experts, call in TEN-E Packaging Services.