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Monday, May 30, 2011

Investment Safety Net

Where is the safety net in the financial system? In fact, every bank has, more or less formal, more or less explicit. A bank is not actually a business like any commercial company: its transformation function of financial flows on the one hand, the leverage of its balance sheet on the other hand, make a bank failure involves systemic risk significant. The existence of the safety net is in itself an element of risk, since it can reduce the sense of risk among investors as among bank customers. And when risk aversion raises abruptly loud reaffirmation of the existence of safety net policies and the monetary authorities do not help to restore confidence. This question is not new: Alan Greenspan had raised the subject in May 2001.
Currently, the market requires less risk, which is materialized by the requirement for reduction of bank leverage: decrease in assets, so credit crunch, increasing equity, so severe dilution of existing shareholders, and the final stage being nationalized with an elimination of shareholders earlier.
Strengthen regulation is a double edged up capital ratios exacerbates the credit crunch. We can see the confusion that exists between minimum standards and the assessment in the market. The crisis is not over, and the political and monetary authorities are preparing a few more to rescue financial institutions, illiquid and / or insolvent.