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Sunday, April 25, 2010

What is future of Airline Industry?

The Airline Industry languished in 2008-2009 period because of economic downtrend in Countries all over the world. After June 2009, the Industry picked up because air travel across the world picked up and also by air cargo transport. The last two quarters, Airline companies saw some revival in their earnings. And every one thought the worst is over for the Airline Industry.

But Suddenly, the ashes from the volcanoes of Iceland brought the movement of Airlines to standstill in Europe. The flights passing through Europe from other Continents were also affected due to this. This has come as rubbing salt in the wounds for airline industry. Almost all the flights were cancelled in Europe which is the center point of Air traffic in the world.

With the Economic conditions are not improving and it is standstill in many countries, the revival of Airline industry is looking bleak in the near futures. Investors can avoid making investments in Airline stocks are the current level.