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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Vector of Innovation

The French are increasingly using more online banking with nearly 60% of Internet users who visit the website of their bank. Despite this, the agency remains the focus of customer relationship: 27,435 bank branches were recorded in France at the end of 2006, more than 1,000 additional branches in two years. Also, the banking and insurance from a distance, 100% online, limited for now to a few organizations: foreign banks, some credit institutions and insurance so it is important to link the distribution channels.

Personalize the communication and efficient use of distribution channels following the logic of process costs and customer value is the major axis of a multi-channel strategy. Depending on the objectives, policies can be differentiated.

In this logic, combinations client use x x channel are put forward to maintain the equivalence between the link type of transaction / channel and the link type of customer / channel.

Whatever the entry point used by the client, processes are implemented, depending on the task at hand to guide the client to the appropriate channel in terms of palatability and cost (programs incentives such as offers for online subscriptions).

In addition, indirect methods largely complete the distribution of offers and services such as the Broker (TV operators), the network affinity (automobile association for insurers) and the General Agent as an extension of networks of insurance agencies.