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Sunday, June 24, 2012

How to Overcome Fear of Money?

How can we make more money or material ultimately succeed in life without fear? In truth it is a fear that we had me for a long time. In general, this fear of the money moves from childhood. In some families money is associated with the errors (s) and sometimes even some decline. I call this the power of beliefs. For a long time I understood the sentence incorrectly. I understood that money is money and no matter how it is obtained, the important thing to have. Given the values that are mine, I could obviously never adhere to such principle.

In truth this phrase simply means that money is a tool for change, change of life and / or change jobs no matter what! Money has no smell because it has neither quality nor default. It is neither good nor bad, it's what you do, A Food for orphans or weapons to Africa. Fear of money is the fear of success

Know this, money does not come without we mentally prepare for its arrival. What does "prepare for the arrival of the money? “ It simply means that if you do not know what you will do with the extra money you are asking then there is a good chance you unconsciously sabotage yourself. Fear of money, sometimes it's the fear of being happy. The question arises as unconscious as follows: And if my level of happiness does not increase with the level of my bank account?

This fear is real, it can really paralyze you in the quest for more money after all and if ever it were true? And if more money does not mean more happiness in the end it would mean there would be a much more important work to do but make more money. This work is called "return home". The real work is how to associate one or reasons that are considered "good" the fact of wanting more money in the end just do more or better the same reasons that we find good. Money becomes the means and purpose.

Unconsciously this amounts to allow himself to succeed. Financial worries seem less important and at the same time your bank account will show you the numbers you want to see. That's what I mean when I write sometimes see your world as it should be.