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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Technical Analysis Introduction-1

Technical Analysis is the art of analyzing a stock's historical prices in an effort to forecast the probable future prices. It is done by studying and comparing current price movement, with the help of tools like (i.e prices ,volume ,speed ,pattern and time) ,with the past price action to predict future course of the price action.

To put it simply, technical analysis is the study of prices, with price,pattern, volume and time as being the primary tool. it is applicable to stocks, commodities and currencies.

With the help of Technical Analysis we can predict the prices from days to several years . It can be applied at the time of both purchasing and selling.

Technical Analysis is useful for improving the investment decision making skill Before making investment decision technical analysis should be supplemented with fundamental analysis

Concepts and tools of technical analysis were developed several centuries ago. Japanese used candlestick trading techniques for rice trading in 16th century itself .

These tools are well tested since then and all over the world investors are using it successfully .

The traditional technical analysis method got a boost after the Dow Theory, developed by Charles Dow in 1900. So he is also called the father of modern technical analysis.

Since then many theories are propounded by many people based on Dow theory or based on price pattern (ie Elliott Wave Theory and Neowave ) or based on Momentum of the Market. be continued in Part 2.......