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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Financial power would translate into Super power

The Country which flourishes in the Trade and Commerce would automatically turn into a financial power and then into a Military Power and then into Super power.
Since, the beginning of the 15th Century, the British started trading with all parts of the World and slowly started conquering the world and soon became the super power of the world. Their financial power turned into Military power.
After the Independence of USA from British, they started growing as a business power and by the start of 20th Century they become the center of world trade. The free society and vibrant democratic system of the USA attracted the Investors, Professionals and Business-mans all over the world, to live and do business. Their rule of the law atmosphere has made USA a conducive place for Investing.
Soon USA grew as a financial power and then it slowly grew as a Military power and by another fifty years it is the only super power in the World.
Any country which is growing financially would one day become a financial power and then into a Military power and then as Super Power. In the present days, China followed by India has started growing as Financial powers. G-8 Grouping lost its significance and G-20 grouping has become the new power bloc of the world which includes China and India.
If the financial growth is sustained in China and India in years to come, then surely these two countries are likely to be the Super Powers after USA.

No Super power is going to rule the world forever

We all know the might of British Empire in the 17th,18th, 19th , and 20th Century. There was a saying ‘ The sun never sets in British Empire’ which means almost all the parts of the world were ruled by the British. Such was the mighty of British Empire. They brought most of the world under their rule spanning from America to Asia to Africa. They were the dominant powers in the world affairs at that time.
But they were outclassed by USA and USSR after the world wars. USA and USSR became the superpowers of the World. World politics revolved around them. But after the disintegration of USSR in the 1990s, USA remained the sole super power of the world.
Before the 15 Century, the world was under the control of Muslim rulers. The Arabian and Persian Muslim rulers conquered most part of the world except Americas since it is too far away from their countries and also sea expedition is not possible for far off continent. Sulaimansait even expanded his kingdom to Spain in Europe. Muslim rulers conquered most of the Asia except the Mongolia. They conquered African continent. That is why most of the North Africa was Muslim populated Countries. But their might and importance vanished since the emergence of British Empire.
Before 10th Century, the world is dominated by the rulers from the Indian subcontinent and Mongolians. Chenqish Khan one of the Mongols ruler had made a expedition to conquer the world. But their Importance and power vanished by the arrival of Muslims rulers from Arabia.
No power center will rule the world forever. The super power status of USA would be challenged one day by some other country. But the rotation will  continue forever.