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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Trend in real estate in India and China a comparison!

In total Indian GDP growth, the portion of foreign investment in real estate market is only 1.1 percent only. Where as in China it is 3.2 percent the reason behind this much variations are many let us analyze  these in detail.

 In China the total land holdings and its rights are with the Chinese government and hence there is no hurdles for the foreign investors to invest. But in India most of the land holdings and their rights are with the Public. The land owners have the sole desecration in fixing  the land price.  They cannot reduce the land price to the minimum but they can raise the land price according to their wish. weather right or wrong they raises the land value and makes huge profits. The mediators also plays to some extent to get more commissions.

In India next to agriculture.  The real estate is giving more employment opportunity and lot of employment opportunities are available in this field.  Generally if a particular sector is of in boom the other industries related to that sector also will get more benefits  they also will be in growth mode.

Hence it is the right time for  foreign investors to invest in this sectors.  For domestic small and medium investors to invest in real estate and construction related shares. Now most of the mutual funds also investing in this sectors only. India's leading bank SBI invests12.7 percentof its investment in real estates only. So think and act wisely.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Which is the long term Investment bet? Deposits,Gold, Stocks or Real estate?

Which is the long term Investment bet? Deposits,Gold, Stocks or Real estate?
During the 20th century, investments in the real estate showed steady returns. Sometimes the price rise is fast and sometimes it is slow. But the rate of return is some what better than the Fixed deposits and also above Gold. But is somewhat riskier than fixed deposits.
Likewise, Investments in the Gold also showed good returns and at times it is stagnant. It sometimes performed better than fixed deposits and at times it is under performed when compared to fixed deposits. But is riskier than fixed deposits.
Investments in the Stocks is the riskiest of these investments. But the returns were phenomenal during the Bull Market and it showed negative growth in bear markets. But on Average, it performed better than other investment avenues. But the risk factor is much more in Stocks.
My investment plan would be to invest 30% in Stocks, 30% in Real estate, 20% in deposits and 20% in Gold. Any investment plan should take into consideration atleast 5 years time frame. And the best way to invest is to invest at bear markets.