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Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Battle for the control of Silver!

Most of the countries more particularly US and China wants to control over the precious metals market. U.S want to keep the price of white metal as low as possible where as China tries to keep it in uptrend. Now days obviously gold is money but silver was the universal monetary standard for more than 7000 years. The countries have stopped minting silver coins in 1960s because of the deficit between the mining and the industrial demand. The deficit on the market has been filled for many years by selling their old reserves held by countries themselves. Those reserves were completely destroyed by the industries even though the mining production in the recent years had increased tremendously and it failed to meet the demands. To control over silver the banking oligarchy launched ETF. Investors wishing to invest in physical silver without having to carry pounds of metal ingots bought shares traded, they could easily sell. These ETFs are a huge success. In theory, the issuing banks hold hundreds of millions of ounces in stock, but only in theory. As for gold, cash investors have been diverted. Instead of buying silver bullion, and thus weigh on the rise in metal prices, banks guardians of these treasures, HSBC and JP Morgan, have manipulated the prices down. They sold the paper money, the silver-virtual, on the Comex and the London market, to lower the price of this rare and precious metal. These banksters sold five years of production in the form of derivatives in a very short term; they are absolutely unable to deliver.

When China began to open up to the outside world after the meeting Mao and Nixon, the bankers of the world have invested in China, creating new ports, equipped with the most modern refineries which enabled China to carve the lion's share in refining. The industrialization of China has enabled him to become the workshop of the world, so much so that the Middle Kingdom is poised to become the first world power. Since 1971, China sold to Westerners finished products against the dollar, the international currency. But since Nixon's visit, the currency has continued to devalue. Expressed in gold, today's dollar is worth 45 times less than that of 1971, the Chinese have been paid in funny money. China still exported 4800 tons of silver in 2006 will become a net importer in the following year to import 3500 tons in 2010.

 In March 2009, before the G20 meeting, the governor of China's central bank, the COPD, published an essay on the wishes of China's international monetary system, denouncing the failure of the current system and regretting that the new banking system proposed already by Bretton Woods has not been explored since. This rejection of the U.S. monetary hegemony will quickly turn into currency war between BRIC and Washington. In August 2009, China announced that it authorizes to default on Western derivatives, it is considered fraudulent. The silver is at the heart of the problem. In September 2009, the Chinese governments allowed its citizens to stock precious metals and launched a communication campaign pushing the silver the price is extremely low compared to gold. China then banned the export of silver which will cause a few months later the explosion at the rise in silver, putting JP Morgan in trouble. China, which had announced that it wanted to have a say about the price of raw materials, has achieved one of its objectives.

 For the record, in January 2011, Xia Bin, then a member of the Monetary Committee of the Chinese Central Bank, in an interview quoted by Bloomberg, said: "China should increase its gold and silver reserves." It seems important to reconcile this statement with the wishes of China's monetary system, especially as it was the last power to abandon the standard money in terms of silver. The U.S. policy of Roosevelt on money in 1934 caused a monetary crash in China, leading to a dictatorship then the first communism.