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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sell ​​in May and go away

I am a big fan of stock sayings, and Sell in May and go away talk to me particularly. I started working on the Exchange since May 1990, and I would have been better advised to sell or to abstain rather than buying at all is to celebrate my arrival. The period May to October was not the most flamboyant for shareholders.
According to this dictum, the semester from May to October is unfavorable, in contrast to the period from November to April. For a follower of the theory of efficient markets, the effect of seasons on the Bourse smile. Who thinks about behavioral finance, the question deserves to be dug.
A study by the U.S. broker SSB gives inconclusive results, economic growth over the period is a more important factor.
By cons, research conducted by Dutch researchers published in 2001 by the Social Science Research Network states that 36 of the 37 cases studied, the period from May to October has been worse than the other, and without an explanatory factor is set identified.
What prognosis for 2011? We just finished a semester beaming back interest rates, oil remains very expensive, geopolitics is hardly serene, and the effect may not have been very sensitive in the last 2 years. If we find good reasons to sell, no need to rack their brains for a long time. We will certainly have a chance to talk