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Friday, March 15, 2013

Financial Analysis

These thoughts are centered on financial analysis and the creation of value for a commercial or industrial enterprise. Financial analysis is a method of analyzing the financial health of a company based on accounting documents, schedules, forecasts and intangibles such as a factory visit or experience managers. The objective of financial analysis is to answer two questions that may vary depending on where we place ourselves.

Shareholders: Does the company within the scope of my investment strategy?

Creditors: If I lend money, will I get it?

Attention, everyone can be an investor or creditor! Buy shares makes you a shareholder, subscribe to bonds makes you creditor. However, you have to analyze the company whoever you may be! I strongly emphasize this point, since the financial environment changes over time, the safe products become risky and that deserve analysis. Even in times of euphoria, a financial analysis is essential because even the best company’s of euphoria can fail. From my point of view, what I could see between schools, banks, investors and entrepreneurs, financial analysis is often incomplete. It is not enough to look at whether a company has been profitable for the last 3 years by adding liquidity ratios, management, structure, or even credit for a complete analysis.

 When a company makes a profit, we must always ask ourselves whether these profits can be converted into cash. It is only with cash that a company can repay its debt or pay its shareholders. Analysis of cash flow or cash flow-often forgotten-is an essential step in any financial analysis. A company may have an increase in its constant activity, an important benefit but have a severe shortage of cash. Most of the Americans investors know this and have invented one worship saying: Cash is king. While many start ups rely on equity funds that imply they lack the cash to finance their activity despite growth rates maddening.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Some Useful Trading Resources of Traders

For successful Investing or trading, one needs knowledge. A good and through knowledge about the financial Market is necessary for a successful financial life. You need to get quality inputs about the market to enhance your knowledge below I have given some resources which I felt best to my knowledge.

If you are interested in Technical Analysis, then these following sites would be of more helpful to you.

Here are some of the must read books on Technical Analysis and Investing

1. Technical Analysis explained – by Martin Pring
2. Elliott Wave Principle – by Robert Prechter
3. Reminiscences of a Stock Market Operatior – by  Jesse Livermore

Still, there are some more interesting books. I will mention it in the next post.