Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Main stream media is always wrong on Market directions.

Have a look at what the media said about the Markets during 2008 January when most of the Stock Markets worldwide topped out. Everybody in the media is bullish on Stock Markets. Not even a single article in Media warned of a major top around the corner.
I could see at least some Technical Analysts could vaguely register their suspicion of a impending top in Stock Markets.On contrary everybody was bullish on Stock Markets at that time. Now check what the media has said during October 2008 crash. Now at this time, the whole world media was bearish on Stock Markets. The reverse happened here. Nobody warned of an impending bottom at that time. The Markets world over rallied from October 2008. This shows the mainstream media is always when it comes to report about the market.
The main reason for the media to get caught in the wrong side of the market is because of the technical position of the Market. When majority of the Market participants are bullish on any market, the main stream media is also bullish on the markets. But technically, when every body is bullish, market would have reached its full buying potential. So this lead to change of trend.
For Investing in Stocks, don’t follow what is media is telling you. Take your decision on your own.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ways to get a Good Credit Card

Today, while I come across Internet, I visited an excellent site which gives us very vast information about the credit cards. Selecting a good credit card is a cumbersome process, with lot of false promises like instant approval, guaranteed approval etc. But you will get a complete solution for all your credit card needs here.
You can compare credit cards offer, by all Brands and Issuer without any hassle here. Once you visit here, you will get a thorough knowledge of how to use the credit card, more importantly how you can earn profit from your credit card.
If you are a student, then you an avail a student credit card from leading brands with huge cash back bonus and earn rewards with your student credit card. Even a cosigner is not required for a student credit card.
If you are an over spender and you wish to control your spending pattern then prepaid credit cards suits you. If you don’t have the record for your spending pattern then you can get a prepaid credit card for you. Using this kind of card, you can avoid unnecessary fees and interest can compare various card and their offers.
Once you compared and collected various details about the different credit cards and their offers form this site, you can avail the instant online approval from here and you will get the instant result with remark at once.
Then, What next log in and avail  secured credit card  and reap the benefits.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management is the use of technology which helps us to manage, protect and monetize our Digital Assets which we work with in our Business or profession as well as our personal life. Digital assets include the computer software, documents, emails, audio and video files and any other document which we stored in a computer. The Digital Asset Management applications are similar to that of the simple file management system. They will collect our digital assets, organize them in order, backing up them for future use and securing the digital assets to safe guard the interest of the author him self.
As the digital assets can be easily transacted online there is more chances of the piracy, hence efficient management is must to safeguard the rights and interests of the Original authors.
There are several types of Asset Management System. They are: They are Brand Asset Management System, Library Asset Management System, Product Asset Management System and Digital Supply Chain Management System. One of the most useful features of the asset management system is the ability to search for a particular file with minimum information. With the Asset Management System the author is freed from complex file naming because the system itself will assign Unique Identifier Code while file is ingested. Though DAM and ECM both are having more similarities they are having different advantages in different  files handlings, for example ECM specializes in official word documents and Excel  sheets,  scanned documents pictures emails and faxes where as DAM  is of greater use in managing rich media files such as photographs and audio video files.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Why You need a Auto Insurance?

Not only the Auto Insurance safeguards your Car on road but also it helps you while your car is off the road. It helps you to meet the expenses of car replacement or the repair or even the towing expenses of your repaired cars.The auto insurance is mandatory for all the motor cars and the motorists by the law. If a car get into the accident and involve fatalities or grave injuries it they will compensate your risks. For that your car must be adiquately covered so that you need not  pay a penny more from your pocket. Firstly you have to decide the right kind of auto insurance whether it is comprehensive or the other.
The laws are vary from country to country, for example if you having assets for ten lakhs and you insured the car for two  lakhs and in the event of accident of your fault and the medical bill of the other party exceeds the two lakhs then you are liable to pay his medical expenses bills from your pocket. This is the case in USA; hence your policy cover should be taken accordingly.
Hence you have to keep in mind the following points:
1)      Determine your country/state insurance requirements.
2)      While opt for Insurance plan according to your financial condition so that protect your assets too.
3)      Check your current policy premium and coverage and compare it with other agencies and competing quotes from Insurance companies.
4)      Most of the auto mobile Insurance companies offer a variety of Insurance with covenant payment option.
Last  but not the least; The auto mobile insurance is one that is necessary to ensure You and Your Car remain protected against injury, accident, theft or other liable damages.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Consequences of un uniform growth

Latest survey of a leading research institution published an article mentioning that Mumbai GDP will over take Thailand and Hong Kong by the   the year 2030. Really it is very good to hear that one metropolitan city’s GDP is  greater than a country( though the Countries are small).  but is worth to watch the negative side of the growth.
Now a days the most of the developments are focused in and around the cities only which reflects that all developments and infra structure planned for the cities only, Hence the population growth of Mumbai will raise about 74% because of the increase in labour opportunities. Because of the population explosion in the cities the government has to  spent more for the infra structure and the basic amenities for the people. Comparing with China  we are spending very less  for the infra structure.

For this only the government has to spend at least  112 Lakhs  Crores of rupees. If the Government is more focused about the metropolitan cities then the villages and the towns will be completely in the neglected state. Which will give a negative impact of our economy.

Hence    the growth of the country  will be sustain and lead in a positive trend if and only if the growth is in all aspects, irrespective of villages and cities. There should not be a discrimination  between the cities and the villages. The Government has to plan and focus more for the development of villages which will  result in the uniform growth of the country.In other words un uniform growth will only lead to the negative impact only.