Monday, January 9, 2012

The Mobile Banking Revolution

In most emerging countries, the development of retail banking is often hampered by low levels of banking structurally observed with individual customers. Indeed, few developing countries where the banking exceeds 20%, in contrast to developed countries where this indicator is generally above 85%. The growth potential for retail banking is not negligible, especially on the activities of "everyday banking" (account management, payments, and additional services). A take-off rate would not only allow banking institutions to expand their revenue sources by increasing the volume of commissions, but also to address a broader customer base to other types of offers (consumer credit, micro credit or home loans ...).

This is due to several structural factors. Can be particularly observed that most of these economies are predominantly rural, which results in a concentration agencies around major cities. Accumulated in a heterogeneous networking transport, this makes it difficult to access agencies for the majority of the population. In addition, cash payments are not well developed due to the high cost of access to financial services and strong tradition of cash payments.

However, such a finding should not be seen as inevitable. In some emerging countries, the high penetration of mobile (80%), combined with the introduction of innovative services, has advanced strong, playing as a true catalyst for banking services. Senegal, Ghana, India, is examples of countries where commercial offers mobile payment grew at a brisk pace (remittances from person to person through SMS, balance inquiries, payment for goods and services ...). In the Philippines, for example, Globe Telecom has launched its service in 2004 GCash in partnership with a network of banks. This allows customers to send and receive funds to repay their deadlines automatically microcredit, pay bills in small businesses, via a managed e-wallet from the mobile. Thus, the bank is now in the pocket of the customer : the operations normally performed at a desk are now through the mobile.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Remington Bronze

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Fig trees

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Responsible Travelling

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Merrill DataSite

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