Saturday, April 28, 2012

The NSFR, real questioning of the role of the bank?

In February 2011, Patrick Artus, chief economist at Natixis, took issue with the current definition of NSFR ("Net Stable Funding Ratio") by calling it "absurd ratio."

It is also far from being alone in the challenge. Indeed, while this ratio is designed to ensure stable liquidity of financial institutions, number of players in the banking question its "calibration" current, likely in the traditional role of processing devoted to banks.

Panorama of the Luxembourg banking

Since World War II, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has become one of the richest countries of the world in terms of per capita GDP, supported by a financial services sector booming, political stability and European integration .

The Luxembourg banking sector in figures

Luxembourg's financial sector, the largest contributor to the Luxembourg economy (one quarter of its GDP), plays a major role as an international financial center. Taking advantage of a favorable tax legislation, many banks and investment funds have moved into the capital.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Media and social networks: moving from communication to influence

Today, any insurance company questions the use of social media strategy for digital. Analysis of different positions and opportunities.

In the context of growing participatory media - blogs, social networks and personal professional, participatory media, microblogging, etc. -, the challenge of these areas of expression is well established for business: the opinions expressed therein are considered by consumers as more influential than advertising or official sites.

Islamic finance, inventory and outlook

According to Bloomberg, the bond sharia (sukuk) in the Persian Gulf reached a record in four years, to $ 7.3 billion, an increase of 62% over one year.

If the development of Islamic finance in the Middle East explodes, with assets that will reach $ 990 billion in 2015 against 416 billion in 2010, what about Europe and especially in France? The Old Continent can take advantage of this growing source of funding? And what are the opportunities in terms of investment products for Western banks?

Insiders gold buying guide

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