Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Best Online Company Formation Agent

An online company formation agent by the name of Wisteria Formations in UK is an authorised Companies House presenter for Company registrations. Their online company formation application enables a UK limited company with simple and efficient procedure. The provider offers basic services to incorporate a company instantly at a reasonable cost of £24.99 and can provide support to the business with several optional professional services such as business plan, tax advice, company secretary, accountancy and business advice, registered office and mail forwarding and VAT registration/PAYE registration.

With a dedicated support team on board they have the capabilities of reaching out to their customers with regards to completion of company incorporation, which is equipped by Wisteria Chartered Accountants who beside the completion of company formation also provide services which may be needed thereafter like accountancy or tax issues. The company does not offer a package service and should the customer need extra products or services, all they need to do is to opt for the extra products and services that are required on top of the basic company formation service.

Provision of Video Guidance 

Range of some of the extra products and services for the online application procedure comprises of official copies of the incorporation certificate, memorandum and articles of association, company register and share certificates, Company secretarial service, registered office service, VAT registration, tailor-made business plan, registration as an employer, free business planning meeting with Wisteria Chartered Accountants and assistance in opening a business bank account.

 The company is well aware that all company formation agents should adhere with the Money Laundering Regulations 2007 and hence strive to complete anti-money laundering checks prior to sending any application to the Companies House. Forming a limited company with the services of Wisteria Formation is easy and reliable wherein one needs to follow the ten step company formation process which eliminates the red tape from the process of incorporating a company.

 Besides this, the company formation service also enables the customer to check if the name is available with the Companies House. The provider has also made provision with a video guided process explaining each step of their ten step methods, in details for a quick and easy process in Company Formation.

Friday, February 6, 2015

NIIT Tech Nets Dip By 9.2% in Third Quarter

NIIT Technologies is one of the mid-tier IT services firm which had recently reported 9.2% decline in its net profit which now stands at Rs. 48.2 crores at the completion its third quarter. Comparing it with the third quarter of the last year, its revenue shows a minimal increase of just 1.4% with at Rs. 595.3 crore while it posted net profit of 53.1 crore last year for same quarter. The third quarter of each year is seen as a least productive and rather weak quarter by financial analysts.

Company Grows By Just 1% on Sequential Basis

On the sequential basis NIIT net profits had registered a growth by 20.02% which a result of improvement in the operating margins, higher incomes and lower depreciation rates during the months of July-September 2014. NIIT Technologies CEO and Joint MD, Arvind Thakur, had stated that NIIT had seen its operating margins improve by 15 basis points sequentially to 14.5% as a result of productivity initiatives in the third quarter. In the constant currency NIIT grew by one percent sequentially during the last quarter.

The company’s had even seen a dent in its operating margins because of the specific engagement in the beginning of the year which even explains the decline in net profit at the year-end. Regarding the overall demand of the NIIT IT services, Thakur had opined that the company had seen a robust growth in the United States but it weakness factor continues in the Euro Zone while excitement factor remains high in India.

NIIT Expand Its Revenue Generation

NIIT has seen healthy growth and expansion of revenues in Asia Pacific (APAC) and India. Most the revenue being generated this quarter is being pointed towards the execution of large orders which were secured by the company earlier this year. Now company’s revenue share had increased to 21 percent in this particular region. Whereas the Americans had contributed by 44% to the revenue while the Europe, Middle East and Africa counted for the 35 of the company’s revenue.

During this quarter NIIT had secured $109 million worth of new orders. Around 55% of new business was secured in the US. NIIT Technologies had even added five new customers during the third quarter out of which two are in US and one each coming from India, APAC and EMEA.

NIIT Supposed To Have Strong and Stable Last Quarter

The decline in the oil prices globally is helping to the cause of the NIIT as travel constitutes the largest chunk of the company’s revenue. The higher other income is accounted by the revaluation of assets and liabilities. NIIT is holding up strong regardless of the current volatility in the currency as due to gains from the dollars but incurring losses from the Euro and GBP.

However NIIT had frozen its hiring procedures and suffered a decline of 229 people in the workforce which is being attributed to the natural attrition rate of 15%. NIIT would begin hiring again from the current quarter in order to boost its workforce.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Man Who Redefined the Way of Indian Shopping

Within a span of few years Flipkart has become a frequent destination of shopping for millions of Indians. The man behind this giant Indian shopping portal is Sachin Bansal who is an internet entrepreneur. He is the cofounder and CEO of the Flipkart which is redefining the ways of Indian shopping in an innovative and remarkable manner. Sachin had started this online shopping portal along with his business partner Binny Bansal and today they are leading a business which happens to have gross revenue of US$1 Billion.

The Beginning

Sachin had worked with Techspan, an IT firm in Bangalore after the completion of his degree from IIT Delhi in 2005. Later on he moved to Amazon where he met Binny Bansal and at that point of time Amazon was building Amazon Web Services with the aim of powering the start-ups in the United States Of America. He along with his friend took the grave decision of leaving the job and concentrating on building an online venture of their own.

After performing an intense research in the field of shopping habits of Indians and the e-commerce, they undertook the giant step starting Flipkart from scratch with just lakh of initial investment. They took a seemingly greater risk wherein they were about to bring the first online shopping experience for the Indian customers whose shopping behaviour were completely from that of western counterparts. They created custom solution by integrating dynamic strategies to make Flipkart successful in India. Cash on Delivery as a made of payment is an innovation of Flipkart which was soon followed by other online shopping portals.

Flipkart Is A Distinct Entity In Its Own

Sachin had stated that Flipkart shouldn’t be compared with major players like Amazon as both of them work in different spheres as well as the customer behaviour is also distinct. Sachin believes that Indian e-commerce scenario is in learning and adapting phase and probably it is at the similar stage what Chinese ecommerce was nearly eight years ago. Flipkart had started with selling books later forayed in different categories and urgently it is valued at astonishingly 10,000 crore.

One Of A Kind Shopping Experience

Flipkart had earlier given a unique shopping experience to the Indian customers with its ‘Big Billion Day’ sale in October. This day was characterised with whooping discount across the various range of products sold on this shopping portal. Flipkart happened to achieve a jaw-dropping $100 millions in sale within ten hours on this day. Though this event was also marred with server related issues due to large amount of web traffic as well as wrong product listing but Scahin Bansal saw it as an experiment which went successfully at the end of the day.

Currently India’s e-commerce sphere is still growing and interestingly just 10% percent of the population is engaged in online shopping. But with passionate guidance and leadership of the Sachin Bansal is sure to open up some new avenues for the online shopping in coming years. Scahin is all set to take his company to new heights and he is adamant from selling of its company ever.

Professionalism Required In Expert Witness Testimonies

Finding an expert witness testimony for litigation, insurance, investigative or financial institution undertakings is not an easy matter. Although there are many professional expert witnesses available, one cannot simply settle for those who say they are experts. Years of experience, skilled educational background and a proven track record must accompany such expert witness testimony such as those offered through the firm of

Experience Counts

Previous services retained by attorneys, private individual clients and even the government are signs of reputable expert witness dependability across all types of platforms--legal, commercial and financial as well.

Educational Background

If an expert witness is a professional, his educational credentials may reflect expertise in particular areas such as in being a witness for the defense--or the plaintiff--in matters of litigation. A thorough knowledge of discovery assistance, regulatory investigative research and a deep understanding of standard banking practices are a must in many cases. Furthermore, a certification and academic degree accreditation in these areas would be advantageous as well.

Proven Track Record

Besides valuable experience and an educational background, a recognized track record by those in specific or related industries is required. Not limited to litigation, such expert witness testimonies have proven themselves stellar in other areas as well. Accordingly, their testimony can stand up under the intense scrutiny of those who might dispute both their testimony and deposition statements.

When expert details are crucial, do not settle for less than the testimony of an expert. Legal matters, commercial, real estate and banking applications all will benefit from the knowledgeable account of those who have carved a recognized sense of professionalism in their testimonies.

3 Tips for Hiring an Eviction Lawyer

Do you have unruly or unwanted tenants? Are you wondering what rights you have under the law to evict someone for non-payment of rent? You'll need a good eviction attorney to handle these kinds of claims, so here are three tips for only hiring the best.

1. Look for Experience

Never hire a green lawyer. Save your money for someone with at least 2-3 years of experience in eviction or property law. Your best bet is a firm with multiple seasoned lawyers; their practices combined will usually give you decades of knowledge and expertise.

2. Prioritize Specialists

Not all eviction lawyers have the same backgrounds. For example, some may spend their time in court fighting off appeals while others have only ever dealt with petitions and affidavits. If you know in advance that you need a court lawyer, make sure you find someone who isn't afraid of a judge.

3. Pick Someone Convenient

If you just need the correct forms for 10 or 30 day notices, some lawyers will allow you to pay for them online with your credit card. Then they'll fax you the documents, and you'll have what you need without a single office visit. Don't be afraid to ask candidates if this is a possibility for you.

These are just three tips for hiring a top-notch eviction lawyer. Click here for more information about finding one in your area. Remember, as a landlord, the law will most often side with you.