Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Market forces Part.III

Also note that different strategies are possible. If the market is vibrant, there will be a scalper, who will try to buy and sell at 51 to 52 immediately, therefore, be presenting as much as possible on the bid / ask spreads. The scalp is an advocate of short-term, which provides liquidity to the market: this is very useful speculator. We also find longer-term investors, who hold a position and come forth once their target price achieved. Management of losing positions is also very important how each participant will he set his stop loss, that is to say, the maximum loss that agrees to bear. Each trader, according to his temperament, and its market position, establish its own strategy. Some will hold out long large positions, others will have their paper that burns your fingers and come out very soon as a small gain is recorded. The game is an excellent education, to understand how the market works, and learn to negotiate and manage its positions.
To make the game as realistic as possible, we give a number to each participant, so note in front of which is treated. In this way, we can make a real market clearing, and fire at the end the gain or loss each. Ultimate refinement, each point is worth 10 cents (or 1 Euro), and trade for real.
If you dine one evening toward the stock market, and there in the restaurant 10 excited in a circle, screaming: I pay for 10 or 52: I have 10 to 53, you now know what its acts: the Market!


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