Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Financing your business, Advice from a banker Part.I

Jacques Dumartin, professional customer adviser in a large national bank has agreed to answer questions to explain the solutions offered by banks to support the launch of companies and provides advice to maximize his chances.

The creation of a company share a first idea, a desire of the designer who will have to formalize its project to study the market, competition, quantify the necessary investment (including working capital needs development), building a business plan, evaluate its ability to financial support, to finally see a need for external financing. For these steps prior to the presentation of a banking record, the creator may be assisted by the ICC, accountants, support networks for entrepreneurship ...

Once the project led to the financial plan (financial plan, forecast, plan cash), still have to find bank financing.
These can take various forms: medium-long term credit for financing investments, short-term loans for the period Customer (B to B, factoring is a solution to be studied). The SLA can sometimes use to finance the needs intangible costs (not to mention the launching of working capital) and to facilitate the credit agreement ...

loan business creation Once the project is considered valid, have good chances of success, which is the essential first step, comes the question "what happens if things do not go as contractor and the bank provide? . That's where the issue of guarantees.
The first guarantees obvious, is the guarantees on property financed: pledge of goodwill, equipment ...

These properties undergoing a discount during a possible cessation of activity, additional safeguards are necessary for the bank can expect to recoup the capital lent: OSEO counter-example.
The deposit, at least in part, the entrepreneur is one of those additional guarantees and is a sign of motivation (50% maximum capital if counter-SAH).


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