Friday, June 10, 2011

The Effects of Adoption of Directive ISA Part.III

This framework has become particularly important for investors after the crisis. Indeed, many people who keep a bitter taste for excessively long periods of redemption given by some hedge funds, sometimes by breaking the terms of liquidity initially set. However, the entry of this new type of management strategies in a world hitherto occupied by standardized strategies and has known the risk of blurring the recognition gained by the UCITS label. Alternative strategies in place may pose risks not previously present in UCITS funds, including through use of complex derivatives. When using these instruments has been expanded with the publication in March 2007 of the Directive on eligible assets for UCITS III funds in the funds market Newcits was much narrower. For this reason, the introduction of funds from investors Newcits unskilled, which by definition cannot lead themselves a thorough due diligence on their investments, will likely require a level of information about the risks higher. The principles of Markets in Financial Instruments Directive should nevertheless partly to help distribute these products exclusively to European investors who understand.

The adoption of the Directive ISA has significant effects. By imposing new constraints on the personnel of hedge funds, it sets up very restrictive measures that will harm may be a first step in managing European alternative. But the whole directive, which provides greater transparency, hedge funds could boost the long term. Development funds for its Newcits represent a significant change in the landscape management. But the UCITS label must remain strong and its reputation and why the danger posed by the funds must be Newcits of attention. In fact behind the possibility of allowing individual investors in Europe to access a range of wider product, allowing them to diversify their investments, hides a real risk of cannibalization of the label. However, the readability of UCITS is a major asset for marketing to international investors. It is likely that the industry will look closely at this intrusion of hedge funds that can really tarnish the image of the dearly bought by European management.


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