Friday, July 29, 2011

The Economic Capital Management

Beyond these differences on the nature of the risk taken into account, the two types of methods are opposed to their method of calculation. Indeed, the peculiarity of the economic capital is that it incorporates the correlations between micro-economic risk of the counterparty in question and the macroeconomic risks that could affect it. The economic sector of the counterparty or its geographic location and are included in the measure of risk, so you can enjoy the most exhaustive possible potential failures.

More broadly, the sensitivity of the consideration to changing the general economic situation is also a factor in determining the economic capital, through the calculation of the coefficient R2. Thus, while regulatory capital stops at the theoretical definition of the risk of the counterparty, the internal model for determining the economic capital takes into account economic conditions and interdependencies of various factors, allowing a more detailed assessment of risk and therefore economic capital to put in front of the activity.

Specific objectives in the economic capital are an essential instrument of strategic management

Economic capital should actually meet three objectives nested, with the backdrop of the profit motive of financial institution:

* Assessment of risk-adjusted returns: in particular through the calculation of RAROC (Risk Adjusted Return on Capital). The RAROC measures the rate of return of an activity by adjusting the level of capital employed by the risk. Economic capital thus defined to measure the financial performance of the activity in the expected benefits related to capital needed to cover it.
* Portfolio Management: Once the risk-adjusted returns calculated, it becomes possible to compare the actual performance of various businesses of the bank.
* Strategic management activities: economic capital thus enables the bank to arbitrate between the different professions in order to optimize the use of capital.

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