Monday, July 11, 2011

The cross-selling and the customer loyalty

Faced with increased competition, banks and insurance companies must continually strengthen relationships with their customers. While 1 / 3 of the people have accounts in several banks, the challenge is to become the main bank or insurance client.

One way to be the leader is to increase the rate of multi-ownership: the interest is to provide diversified products to the customer to capture it while ensuring sufficient profitability during its life cycle. That is to increase revenue per customer (cheaper than acquiring new customers) by increasing the products held by clients and services sold.

The transformation of the sector as the penetration of bank assurance, the Finance assurance and banking-real estate agency promotes more cross-selling. Through tailor-made pricing, offers and services can be complementary and beneficial to customers who already own one or more products and thus meet all their needs (offer a discount on the purchase of a coupled auto and home insurance or credit coupled with car insurance, etc ...)

The additional sales are based on an understanding of the client, and updated as and when relationships are maintained. They depend on the life of the client's potential risk (credit risk) and value ("life time value"). The option to develop the relationship with customers most willing to deepen and extend this relationship is vital.

To stimulate the use and income of customers, relationship marketing must move towards a proactive logic by exploiting business opportunities with specific offers that will be triggered through key moments in the client's life: a real estate purchase, a change of vehicle a termination, etc.... These can be transmitted to the client, on the one hand, in "push" or direct marketing (e.g. on the web, it displays the customer area of the loan amount for which he is eligible, without having make any loan application), and second, in "pull" or sales rebound as enjoy a call from the client to provide a product or service selected by the system depending on its characteristics.

Customer knowledge will know what, how (on promotion campaign outgoing, etc.) and where to propose an offer. Thus, to develop, preserve and consolidate a position in a segment of customers, banks and insurance companies must be able to perform analytical work on the one hand, with qualitative studies to analyze customer needs and thus tailor products, services and associated discourses (e.g. the Net Promoter Score), and secondly, by building the individual marks for customer, quantitative studies, in:

* Potential and customer value ("life time value")
* Association (associated with mortgage insurance)
* Appetizing generic tenders / attrition (technical scoring)
* Segmentation behavioral, relational, or 360 ° C (type of clients)
* Financial risk (estimated probabilities of default, the outstanding event of default and loss associated)
* Textual analysis of the mail client
Ultimately, the challenge is to build a vision aggregate client level and thus part of a multi-logic products to promote adhesion of the client and / or from home to expand the panel of cross-selling .


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