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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Poles Of Operational Efficiency

Reduce the complexity of the development process: the poles of operational efficiency offer a range of services already in operation that are available to any entity by changing its processes. They are also available for personal service and dedicated to the support of development projects of other entities.
Increase and ensure quality of service: the service being delivered by a single entity, it will necessarily become generic, a common service level, so that gains of scale is generated. The range of services will be standardized at a level of quality and availability corresponding to the highest common denominator of user needs and guaranteed service agreements.
Reduce the overall cost of service delivery involved: the production cost of the service may be reduced by centralizing certain ways. However, changes will be especially noticeable in the final cost of use for each entity.
Increase the scope of use by allowing new entities to access the range of services: entities whose size did not develop these services in-house entities that had a similar service but with fewer resources and little adapted ...
Maintain the consistency and quality of information: the centralization of information management on a particular area will help to oversee the entire process of managing this information. It also allows perceiving the diversity of uses and coordinating accordingly.
Manage the evolution continues in a consistent manner on the different scope of responsibility of the poles: being at the heart of development projects and in contact with all clients on the perimeter, they are aware of the multiplicity of needs and include it in the trajectories of change in their activities.