Friday, December 11, 2015

Free Super Bowl Ad for Small Businesses

Super Bowl Ad - A Dream with Huge Monetary Strings Attached 

For several industries, a Super Bowl ad seems to be a reserved dream having huge monetary strings attached. But each year, only a single industrialist tends to gets a free award, a 30-second Super Bowl commercial in the Small Business Big Game contest. Around 15,000 small businesses had applied in 2015, for the Small Business Big Game contest and only three finalists were left. To begin with, the field is tapered to 10 finalists through a panel of judges who tend to review each enterprise depending on numerous factors which comprise of authenticity, passion as well as an emotional connection to the public.

The ultimate three businesses tend to get selected from this collection in agreement with a popular vote. Advertising being on parity with the proper finances in order, this could be a great opportunity of enhancing a business. This event has been sponsored by Intuit QuickBooks where the grand prize spot seems to be valued at $5 million. This contest tends to draw thousands of small business, yearly, who are hopeful and tend to look forward towards new and affordable means of boosting their business and drawing new audiences.

Small Business Big Game Contest – Ideal Solution for Small Businesses 

The winner tends to get the free Super Bowls add, however, the second and the third place businesses tend to receive a $25,000 prize together with a free local media spot which is valued at $15,000. But some understanding business owners seem to know that advertising on par with thorough financial planning as well as the ultimate consolation prize is the free publicity.

 For instance, the ten judges who are the selected finalists tend to ride the free publicity wave with social media hastag in order to support them to maximize their branding. To win the competition, it does not need the biggest number of followers of social media. On the contrary, judges tend to concentrate on the passion, ability, community involvement and much more of the business.

This year’s favorite, in fact had the least amount of likes on Facebook. However, it seems active in community events as well as children’s sports leagues resulting in steadfast support of its community. Small businesses with the need of little help in reaching national audience abroad could turn to the ideal solution of the Small Business Big Game contest.

How to Prevent and Copy without Data Loss

Files/Folders/Application/Complete System – To Be Fully Protected

There could be instances in one’s life where they are faced with the fact when their external storage systems seems to fail and they tend to lose most of their valuable information and treasured images as well as important business presentation within a split of a second. It is essential to have your files, folders, application and the complete systems fully protected and safeguard the important data and the application. However, these issues of data loss could be resolved if one tends to have a backup drive and one that is in a good spot. The user needs to ensure that the backup is updated regularly.

Whenever possible, enable the system to back up itself every ten to fifteen minutes based on how one tends to work on the files. Though one may not be in a position to envisage every storage malfunction, it could get worse if the same is not enabled on a regular basis. Besides this, examine the storage system to make sure that they have a strong data recovery process which can cater to all the needs of the user. For backup and disaster recovery, user should contact a specialist who is equipped to handle the situation and provide a solution for the recovery of data and other important information. 

Recovery Software for External Hard Drive Problem

If one tends to have problem with their external hard drive, which are known to malfunction after a few years of work, but the computer seems to recognize the drive, one could use the recovery software, but if the computer does not seem to recognize the storage device the services of a specialist would be essential. The provider offers, backup and disaster recovery which tends to work with granular recovery options, systems snapshots, bare metal restores as well as full server fail over. Sometimes a server tends to crash, a virus abolishes files or it could be an outage leaving your office unavailable, when you’re prepared for it it will be easy to handle the situation with the help of a specialist.

 However with the services of the specialist, one could continue working by utilizing their local and cloud recovery functions. They tend to make it easy to recover anything which seems to be lost within minutes thus keeping the flow of work ongoing. When one tends to work frequently with important data as well as information, you should choose the appropriate system for your requirements. Ensure to back-up the system on a regular basis, paying heed to the warning signals of malfunction whenever it may arise and overcome the situation of ever facing any important data loss.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Oil Prices Tumble to Five-Year Low as OPEC Gathers in Vienna


Oil Prices Collapses to Lowest Level in Five Years

As OPEC leaders meet in Vienna to set the prices for the year ahead, oil prices have collapsed to the lowest level in five years. After the US stockpiles flowed in November, Brent crude for January delivery dropped by 3.7% to $42.77 per barrel in London. US Energy Information Administration shocked the market, which had hoped the level of oil to drop during winter, by reporting that the glut of oil in America had increased by 1.2m barrels till November 27 to reach 489.4m barrels thus approached its highest level on record.

In the meanwhile, weak inflation report from Eurozone raised the possibility of the European Central Bank launching a new round of motivation sending the dollar to its highest level over 12 years. Besides this it also weighed on the oil price as the greenback is utilised to price the product.

The oversupply of crude oil due to its strong production from the U.S. together with some of the OPEC members, has been keeping the prices over 45% less than their highs from last June. Several of the investors as well as the analysts are of the belief that the global oil surplus would shrink in the coming months as demand increases and U.S. production falls in reaction to spending cuts.

Output Level Crossed its Quota of 30M Barrel/Day

In the meanwhile, market watchers are of the opinion that world-wide crude output tends to continue exceeding the consumption. The July delivery of light sweet oil, recently feel by $1.64 to $58 per barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The global benchmark Brent fell $1.77 to $62.03 per barrel on ICE Future Europe.

 In its last meeting, OPEC which had opted against reducing production inspite of plunging oil prices is expected to stick to that policy. The group’s output level had already crossed it quota of 30 million barrels per day. According to government reports, the output is near multi-decade in Iraq, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the U.S. Additional Iranian crude would probably enter the market this year, if on-going negotiations with Iran would result in a lifting of sanctions.

Senior market strategist at Chicago brokerage iiTrader, Bill Baruch has stated that `Russia’s picking up production, the U.S. is picking up and there seems to be no reason why OPEC would hold back from picking up production. We could see prices below $50 by the end of this month’.

Shale-Oil Production to Rise in the Coming Years

The Chief Executive of ConocoPhillips, Ryan Lance had mentioned in a conference ahead of the OPEC meeting that U.S. shale-oil production would rise in the forthcoming years as drilling would get cheaper and more efficient. He stated that the industry had already cut the price wherein it could profitably produce shale oil by 15% on an average and by 2020; shale oil production could become 15%-20% more efficient.

In the U.S., some of the shale-oil producers state that if prices tend to stabilize above $60 a barrel, they could increase the production. Several times recently, the U.S. benchmark had traded above $60 a barrel though had not held above it. John Saucer, vice president of research and analysis at Mobius Risk Group in Houston, had stated that the `OPEC was successful in shaking out high cost inefficient guys who did not make any cash at $100 and those left were certainly leaner, meaner and more efficient’.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Prudent Suppliers of Custom Products

New businesses often enter an industry populated by well-established and respected businesses. These existing businesses already have a loyal customer base and don't need to make a first impression. If businesses like this get lazy in their packaging or customer service, though, it leaves an opening for new businesses to make their own first impression.

Strategic suppliers of custom products

Custom products are one way to make a terrific first impression on customers. Appearances aren't everything, but when packaging items, customers have been shown to pay attention to packaging. It's one of the extra flourishes that show customers you exemplify professionalism and take pride in your products.

Hang tags

Custom hang tags are among the most popular of all supplier products. These simple square pieces of paper hang on doors and prominently display in-depth information about a business. They have a large advertising space and room for graphics, too, which make them perfect for non-obtrusive advertising that can get a lot of information to the customer without seeming to bombard them with too much information at once. Many businesses use these as free hand outs to customers.

Custom address labels

Digital printing services frequently supply address labels that bring a professional and sleek look to all mail communication from a business. These addresses are clearer to read than handwritten addresses and make a great first impression on customers who order a product from a new business. Suppliers work with businesses to analyze the reputation of the business and determine what the best colors and text fonts are to represent the business.

These are just a few of the products that suppliers use to make memorable first impressions for new businesses that want to win over customers in their industry. This requires a great deal of marketing analysis, strategy, and quality printed products. If a business needs printed business cards, hang tags, and address labels, suppliers need to be readily available to collaborate on the project and reach an agreement on the best style and fonts to use for all printed products. Materials need to be high quality printed materials that make the business look professional and available to help customers. Information is king and printed products contain all the information a business might need to communicate in order to win over or retain customers. Digital printing suppliers are both marketers and businessmen themselves and know how to win over new customers.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Chinese Yuan is Going Global


Yuan Part of Selected Basket of Currencies

According to the International Monetary Fund – IMF, the Yuan is now part of selected basket of currencies which till now included only the US dollar, the Japanese yen, the euro and the British pound. The Yuan would not generally be a part of the basket till September 2016 and this move would not be having any immediate influence on the financial markets.

This gesture seems to be a significant one and an indication that China has been progressing faster and further on the global financial stage. It has been predicted by Nomura Securities that by 2030, the Yuan would become one of the highest three major international currencies, `a peer to the US dollar as well as the euro, as the most used currencies in the world’.

However, it all depends on whether China tends to continue its financial reforms which have been one of the major reasons of the IMF’s verdict of including the Yuan in this choice basket currency. The IMF has informed that` the decision was an important milestone in the integration of the Chinese economy in the global financial system’. It would bring a more robust international monetary as well as financial system.

China – Important to the Global Financial System

Nomura has informed that though the share of yuan’s trading volumes in the international currency market tends to be small, less than 2% comparative to China’s share of global gross domestic product, its daily trading volume had tripled between 2010 and 2014 from $34bn to $120bn. This indicates that there is a lot more yuan on the markets.

For the last few years, China had been working towards this and it is amazing that their extremely managed currency seems fit to enter this special basket of freely traded currencies. Beijing considers the inclusion of the yuan as an indication of how important China has become to the global financial system.

The world’s second largest economy had to push through numerous changes in recent times inclusive of enabling foreign investors in accessing its stock markets, to make this happen. The main determinant as to whether the yuan gets to the next step will depend on how transparent China would be about the way it tends to run its financial market.

Chinese Official under Pressure/Scrutiny

Considering the slowing economic growth in China, analysts have accepted that there have been some disturbing signs which the government is trying to either roll back on some the key financial changes or that those in charge may not know what they are doing. The point is that earlier this year, the effective devaluation of the year had taken the markets by surprise and the People’s Bank of China was disapproved for mishandling the communication around how the events had unfolded.

Chinese officials are now under more pressure as well as scrutiny in getting their message right. Moreover the world would also be watching to see what type of influence more yuan would have in circulating in the international markets. Should the yuan tend to be a fixture of the global economy, there is a possibility that the rest of the world would become even more exposed to what Beijing does, which will make it more important that the leaders of China push through meaningful financial changes.