Thursday, November 29, 2018

Facts About AS/400 Modernization

In the world of business, it is widely known among AS/400 users that some of the applications simply feel outdated and modernization efforts were underway. This is why it is a good idea to stay ahead of the game and start the modernization process right now. Here are some of the many benefits currently known that users will receive from modernizing their AS/400 systems.

Certainly, the biggest benefit of being gleaned from the upgrade is the increase in employee work productivity. Any time an interface is modernized, it is a direct result of providing a much more streamlined and useful experience. While veteran users of the system still claim that as far as sheer work capability, there is no comparison to the old 5250 AS/400 system, they are actually kind of kidding themselves by ignoring the sheer processing power that can come from the far more modern Windows-based system.

A Window-based system that is purpose-built can outperform a standard 5250 system simply by being able to instantly respond to the keystrokes of the user instead of having to block out entry fields to input data.

One unheralded benefit is that the cost of training employees is significantly reduced. Almost anyone who uses a computer can use a Windows interface and is very comfortable with it. There are very few people who know how to use the 5250 and those who do must have gone through very specialized training.

An unspoken of "hard truth" in the realm of those who use the 5250 system is that it suffers from a definite image problem when looked at in comparison to a Windows-based as400 modernization companiesplatform. When trying to retain current clients or when trying to garner new ones, you will want an application which is appealing to look at, not one which is antiquated in its graphics and "look".

As you can see there are some great reasons to perform a modernization on the AS/400 system. You will still get the solid and rugged reliability that the AS/400 is known for but you will also receive the sleek modern look of the Windows platform that so many of today's AveriSource computer users find appealing. There is no sense in segregating the portion of your customer base who is up and coming by trying to sell them on technology which is antiquated in both look and function.


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