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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

College students Learn How To Put Your Finance In Order!

      Are you a student going to college and who wants to get good knowledge and skills that will endorse you to have a good job at the end of your studies? Then this is the post meant for you. Put your studies apart for the time being and get some personal finance education here which wills surely going to help you particularly after your higher education.

    Other than European countries, every student is assisted by their parents by paying their room rent, college fees, food expenses and other miscellaneous expenses during their college days and the students learn nothing about managing their personal finances. There may be some exceptions, those who are working part time and study. At the end of the college days they enter into the world of work with full confidence and enthusiasm but without the right knowledge and right tool to manage their personal finance. Here are few tips to set right your personal finance in order. First and foremost one is making your budget. Make a budget for a year or a month and then break it up into smaller period of your convenience say weeks. Spare your good time for making an inventory of your expenses and revenues. If you are already having bank account, then open another bank account. The first account is for your financial reserve such as for receiving money from your parents, savings and contingency funds etc. Second one is for your expenses you can schedule your automatic payments of your regular payments. Keep the money in the second account to meet the minimum requirements of your expenses and don’t keep more. You have to invest and read personal finance books they may cost little but they will give you high returns in your future. This should be the first expense of your planning the future. With the guidance of those books plan different strategies and implement.

      Now this is the time to set your goals. According to the recent study by Harvard University, three percent of the people who set goals themselves and constantly working towards it has created ten times more wealth than the remaining ninety seven percent of the people. Hence plan and set your goals first. Keep yourself surrounded by right kind of successful people to understand the facts. Use the knowledge of others; be curious and attentive to know the success stories and experience of them. This knowledge will serve as a spring board that takes you near the success. Don’t hesitate to ask them directly the right information you needed for your success. The wealth is only attainable only through following strong financial principles. It requires commitment, willingness and persistence spend less than the earnings. But for the most of the people it is hard to follow. Spend less than you earn and invest that margin to generate alternative income and that marginal income will make your financial liabilities into financial independence. Here your financial education helps you to identify very smart and ideal investment that benefits us most. I assure you with rigor and perseverance you can achieve anything under the sky.