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Friday, March 23, 2012

The Greek private sector can derail the European agreement?

If one agrees to consider that the exchange "voluntary" 206 billion euros of private sector bonds into new bonds to meet with thirty years of acceptance from 75 to 80%, 10-15% of the issue necessary to achieve the 90% level for the operation announced a new dimension. It would appear, according to the Financial Times that the Greek pension funds and funds of the unions would pray. However, they have a thirty billion of Greek sovereign bonds, such as the 15% needed to achieve 90% or more.

Does Greece’s bankrupt without default?

The question is all the more legitimate than the last few days have resulted in an assault interpretations based on several aspects of the agreement of the private sector, which will only be confirmed on March 8. It is difficult to consider that Greece is in default if creditors agree on a form of sovereign debt restructuring.