Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seasons Branding

Now days, the Drug addiction has become a great social issue in the world. There are thousands of people who are victims of addiction and the difficulty to quit the habit. In years past, there was a crack epidemic that developed that took many lives.

 Today, individuals seek not imagined possible to get high. All these drugs are only one way to get high temporarily, because once the drug dissipate feelings, the person is back to face their personal problems again. Thus, it becomes a single shot after another - just like a revolving door.

 People those who take the recreational drugs often reluctant to leave their addictive behavior. They also view drug addiction as a disease that has no cure and just resigned to die if that's what drugs will do for them. The people who deal drugs create these scenarios, saying the drug user that they will die of something anyway, so why not drugs?

 The best drug rehabilitation centers are a way for these addicts to enter a treatment program that will allow them to change their way of thinking and seeing life as intentional. They leave the center with a passion for life and rebirth of life. If you are a person looking for a good drug rehab centre, then please log on to srcrehab.com. Here we can able to get all the information regarding with the drug rehab programs and can get the effective treatment for drug rehabilitation. For more information, please log on to srcrehab.com or just dial (866) 780-8539. Thanks!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Stock Market Basics-4

The risks involved in investing Equities
The share prices are affected by factors that comes from within the company ( change of Management, change of policy of company, change of Human resources, fires and accidents in a company ), and the factors outside the company ( General Market condition, Economy, Sector demand and supply, Government Policies, International Wars, Foreign Policy, Demand in the International Markets, etc ).
So equities involves risk. But in a fixed deposit the risk is almost nil ( But it too have some risk. In case, if a Bank fails ). As we have seen earlier, Equities are riskier but they give good rewards. So while investing we should reduce our risk. How can one reduce the risk involved in equities.

Here comes diversification. One should not invest the entire amount at his disposal in a single share or sector. To reduce risk one should use basket of stocks. If one stock or one sector underperforms the market, the other sector or stocks which performs well will compensate the growth. Thus one can see good growth of his portfolio.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Impact of Tsunami on Japan’s Economy

Ever since Japanese Stock Index Nikkei touched 40,000 on January of 1990, it has been in decline. It touched a low of 7000 in 2008. For more than 18 years, Nikkei has been in decline. This says the sorry state of Japan’s Economy. Japan’s Economy was affected by the 2008 recession. Since then, it has been in a minor recovery path.


But the present Tsunami, has dashed the hope of full recovery of Jhttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifapan’s Economy. It is being estimated that more than 200 billion of USD was lost in the Tsunami. World Bank has estimated that it may take another 5 years to repair the damages. It is surely a disaster for Japan Economy.


Constructing a Atomic power station is not a easy job. It needs lot of money and time. The damaged Atomic power station may need lot time and money to repair it. Since this devastation is caused not only by Tsunami, it is devastated by earth quake as well. Lot of buildings, roads and infrastructure has been damaged in the main land. Though financially, these loss can be manageable by any country, Japan at this stage, given their poor state of economy, cannot afford this disaster.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Web conferencing

A teleconference is the live exchange and mass verbalization of information between several people linked by a telecommunications system. Nowadays, this has become an important service for people who need quality teleconferencing. I recently found an online website at conferencegroup.com, which is a teleconferencing service provider.

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Conference Group concentrates on complete customer satisfaction by providing a full range of audio teleconferencing and web conferencing services. I had recently suggested this excellent company to one of my friends who runs an export company and needs to interact with his customers through web conference. They delivered him an amazing selection of choices with flexible payment options at reasonable rates. He was impressed by their excellent client support.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Aftermath of Japan’s Natural disaster in world Economy

Once again, Nature has demonstrated its vast devastating power on Earth and also it has been once again proved the instability of Human lives in this world. Even though, natural disaster are not new for the Japanese, the present devastation is caused by Earth Quake, Tsunami, and Atomic radiation. Japanese might not have imagined such a three frontal attack on them.

The only consoling thing is that only the coastal areas are affected by this devastation. The main land is not affected by Tsunami. This seems, that Japan will soon recover from this calamity. The resilience and discipline shown by these people shown by this people is astonishing . We have seen utter chaos in the streets of many Asian or European Or American countries whenever a disaster struck. But the Japanese kept their cool and they have moved on.

It is learnt the Tsunami might cost a lot for the insurers. So, it is bad time for Japanese Insurance companies. Japan is an Automobile Major. It may affect the production of these companies. Japan may need lot of money to be put into their economy. So this will surely dampen the export import balance of that country.  Already crude oil saw a mild sell off on the back of Japanese natural disaster fearing a lack of demand on crude.

Commodity prices may move on the back of fresh demand for reconstructing these regions. So metal prices may go up in the near future. The economic impact of this disaster most likely to affect Japan only. It is unlikely to impact other economies.