Friday, April 8, 2011

Stock Market Basics-4

The risks involved in investing Equities
The share prices are affected by factors that comes from within the company ( change of Management, change of policy of company, change of Human resources, fires and accidents in a company ), and the factors outside the company ( General Market condition, Economy, Sector demand and supply, Government Policies, International Wars, Foreign Policy, Demand in the International Markets, etc ).
So equities involves risk. But in a fixed deposit the risk is almost nil ( But it too have some risk. In case, if a Bank fails ). As we have seen earlier, Equities are riskier but they give good rewards. So while investing we should reduce our risk. How can one reduce the risk involved in equities.

Here comes diversification. One should not invest the entire amount at his disposal in a single share or sector. To reduce risk one should use basket of stocks. If one stock or one sector underperforms the market, the other sector or stocks which performs well will compensate the growth. Thus one can see good growth of his portfolio.