Monday, April 4, 2011

Impact of Tsunami on Japan’s Economy

Ever since Japanese Stock Index Nikkei touched 40,000 on January of 1990, it has been in decline. It touched a low of 7000 in 2008. For more than 18 years, Nikkei has been in decline. This says the sorry state of Japan’s Economy. Japan’s Economy was affected by the 2008 recession. Since then, it has been in a minor recovery path.


But the present Tsunami, has dashed the hope of full recovery of J’s Economy. It is being estimated that more than 200 billion of USD was lost in the Tsunami. World Bank has estimated that it may take another 5 years to repair the damages. It is surely a disaster for Japan Economy.


Constructing a Atomic power station is not a easy job. It needs lot of money and time. The damaged Atomic power station may need lot time and money to repair it. Since this devastation is caused not only by Tsunami, it is devastated by earth quake as well. Lot of buildings, roads and infrastructure has been damaged in the main land. Though financially, these loss can be manageable by any country, Japan at this stage, given their poor state of economy, cannot afford this disaster.

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