Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The medium-term loans

The duration of the medium-term loans is of 2 to 7 years for the financial investments, and they are granted either by a single bank or a bank in competition with a specialized. There must be an association between the period of funding and the life of the asset financed.  The financial borrowing duration should not be longer than the duration of its use as medium-term financing. If it is so it should be avoided in all cases. Hence it is applicable to investments such as average length of vehicles and technology, and more generally, to most goods and means of production of the business. The loan period must be taken into account to the financial possibilities of the business. That is, during this period, company must not only ensure the repayment of the loan, but also interest payments.

In all cases, financial backing by a medium-term loan does not cover the entire investment, it is logical that the business wants to equip them to make an effort for the flow of money. The percentage of the investment program financed by a medium-term credit is generally between 50% and 75% of total investment.

The granting of loan for a medium term from the merchant banker is subject to a broad study because the risk comes from the period and volume of the loan. The merchant banker must study the market impact of the introduction of this equipment and provide the financial situation of the business, given its new production and also because of its new charges. This require  to develop a further plan for the funding that will parallel the total expenses and resources of the borrower, and more over in order to identify future opportunities for the company to meet its debts and thereby ensure a good outcome of operation of credit


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