Saturday, January 26, 2013

Learning Disabilities and Assessment

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The term assessment has a variety of meanings; this term can be referred as the process of assessing a student or an individual with standardized testing features. Present days, due importance is given to the developing assessment activities then the issues of external accountability which improve very much the educational practices, the assessment has greater importance in the teaching learning practice hence the lack of faculty involvement in assessment will have much impact in teaching goals and lines of communication. The developmental assessment tools help you to evaluate one how he can meet his goals. A better assessment can develop more skill within the person and he will be more learning centered and more responsive in terms of learning and acquiring knowledge. The assessment gives a more meaning full and encouraging result in the learning process. Since assessment is all about improvement it should be done by a right and experienced person like Dr. Toni Atkinson is one of the leading Psychologists in Ontario. She is currently practices in the area of developmental assessment, psycho educational assessment and university assessments as well as intervention and cognitive rehabilitation. She also provides comprehensive assessments of a student from early child hood to young adulthood for the purpose of diagnostic clarification and for curriculum planning for the learning process.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hawaii CPA

The use of the internet has proved to be very beneficial to all individuals at large with all services and information readily available at one’s fingertips within the shortest span of time. Individuals can now avail a variety of services of all kinds from service providers catering to the needs of individuals and even financial help and planning can be done through providers excelling in their skills and services. Renowned providers for financial services and planning at Honolulu, Hawaii have been rendering excellent services to individuals seeking their assistance in this field. The provider of this public accounting service is a certified firm providing personalized and professional services to individuals as well as business firms managing accounting, taxes, financial planning etc. With their focus in building long term relationship with their clients, they strive to render their best services to their clients. The founder of this company is a licensed Hawaii CPA and a member of the Hawaii Society of Certified Public Accountants, the California Society of Certified Public Accountants and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

 Besides this, he also holds the designation of Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) from (AICPA) and with the help of his securities and insurance license and his financial planning team he is capable of rendering financial planning service and advice to his clients. One can get in touch with them and schedule an appointment on request by furnishing all the required details at their site, to discuss and avail any financial planning, tax and accounting services. Being well versed in their field of operations, they are capable of meeting up with the expectations of their clients in the various services of financial advice and services by preparing a well organized plan in tax consultation and planning. For account and quick books, services, they can efficiently discharge their personal as well as business day to day accounting in an efficient and professional manner. Users can rest assured on their proficiency and efficiency while engaging their services for all tax, financial planning and accounting purposes both for individuals and business firms and is also one of the most reliable online service provider for all financial advice and services

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Growth of Asian Market and The Foreign Banks -2

To be effective, it must decide which customer segments used in priority, identifying those with critical size enabling it to recoup its costs and commercial structure including compliance. Segmentation can be based on criteria level of wealth (affluent, HNWI, UHNW individuals), the nationality of the customer (onshore vs. offshore) of origin of the fortune (inherited vs. built).... To gain a foothold in the Asian market, European banks may for example choose to serve priority customers offshore, composed of customers 'Western' wishing to invest in Asian markets. Once established brand and the breakeven point is reached, they can explore the opportunity to develop their offer to the onshore market to take advantage of its growth potential. Along with this customer segmentation, banks must be able to provide services to both heritage and professionals to cover all customer needs.

 This is the strategy chosen by most of the Wealth Management companies and has implemented procedures for cooperation between its teams Corporate Investment Bank and Wealth Management Asia able to better serve its customers easy. The customer has one contact for all of his professional and private issues. Beyond the added value to its customers, this cooperation allows commercial expansion through effective cross-selling. A client passes to sell his company will benefit from the expertise of the investment bank while new cash from this sale will be managed by the private bank. This type of organization seems particularly suited to the Asian market. Finally there is the question of the mode of entry of banks in the Asian region. They must assess their strengths locally before deciding how to layout and the level of investment involved.

Have one or more business lines deployed in the region? If so, then the bank will definitely enjoy cross-selling, sharing clients or synergies information system for pooling certain fixed costs and limit the cost of customer acquisition. Otherwise, it may proceed by external acquisition targets but are now rare or even the possibility of a partnership with a local bank. Development potential of private banks in Asia is considerable. European players must be put in working order now to operate profitably. Failing recipe, everyone must identify its forces in the region to implement the business model that will allow it to serve more efficiently and at the best price a demanding clientele. The future global ranking of private banks certainly depends on their success or failure in the conquest of Asia.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Growth of Asian Market and The Foreign Banks -1

Asian customers (High Net Worth - fortune exceeding $ 1.2 million) whose assets are managed by private banks are characterized by two seemingly contradictory characteristics: they are often multi-banked (placement of their assets in three different banks in average) and require that they know their banker properly understand and analyze their needs. But this is only possible if the private banker has a panoramic view of their heritage. These paradoxes highlights a caution or distrust in the relationship between these millionaires and their private bank and draw one of the issues of private banks in Asia to win the trust of their customers so that they reveal their greater part their assets. To this is the case of the most of the Asian millionaires, who are often entrepreneurs who made their fortunes recently and still active.

 Their personal and professional heritage issues are intimately linked. A 360 ° view of the customer means not only knowing all his private fortune, but also its heritage and professional goals. This is why banks manage to take their game will be those able to offer comprehensive solutions covering both the financing needs of active professional that needs investment and transfer of private wealth. The first challenge is the recruitment, including front office positions: private bankers. To (re) establish a relationship of trust with their customers and convince them reveal all of their assets, private banks must recruit the best private bankers. There is strong demand on the part of banks, but the supply is low on the side of private bankers since the business of wealth management in Asia is still young. Private bankers represent a significant cost for the banks because they are rare and expensive to attract and retain.

To fully leverage the talents banks must redesign their business processes so that they are dedicated to the most pure and rewarding business tasks at the expense of more administrative tasks or support. The second challenge is that of customer segmentation to provide highly personalized services but profitable for the bank. The conclusion is that a bank cannot profitably serve all customer segments with a special offer.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Radio Media Buying

With the option of online facilities made readily available to the user at the click of a mouse, consumers have the option of making online purchase within the comforts of one’s office or home with ease and comfort. The facility of radio media buying is also made easy with service providers catering to media planning, negotiating and buying. Being the direct agent in collaboration with various other partners in advertising and marketing radioactive media, they provide strategic radio campaigns with great investment returns. The service offered by them are radio commercial production, creative script writing, short and long form radio, thorough tracking and analysis (RAMalytics) innovative strategic promotional development, endorsed read done by top radio personalities.etc. User can take the opportunity of a free consultation by furnishing the desired information at their site to avail their services. Their teams on board are well versed in coordinating implied on air endorsement or live reads for their clients.

The Radioactive media’s unique data tracking system permits clients to identify tangible and measurable results in clear informative format. The ratings and testimonials posted by other users helps the prevailing users on the performances on the service rendered thus enabling them to make appropriate decisions. Specializing in combining cross channel marketing with maximum potential of the marketing budget, they provide the desired results with higher returns on their investment. They have also coupled with radio, print and online advertisement with point of purchase campaigns matching retailers with entertainment venues for the promotion of production bringing about success due to their innovative technique. The integrated marketing communication strategy helps in the various marketing channels like radio, television, e-marketing, outdoor advertising, direct response, public relationship etc. The cross channel promotion enables them to establish an arresting presence bringing about awareness on the products and their business. With their creative and innovative ideas they have managed the desired results in most of their endeavor undertaken by them. They strive to render their best services based on the needs of their clients ensuring the maximum returns in all their projects undertaken. With their vast knowledge and experience they have been providing the lowest rate with great packages for their clients.