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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The euro is still down because of the Greek debt

The euro is still down penalized and remains under 1.44 dollars. This decrease is due to contamination of the single currency by the debt crisis that has invaded Greece and continues to do its thing. An urgent solution is needed!

After the decline experienced by the euro last Friday, the Euro has not had his best performance this Monday either. It seems that money is slow to find its stability. The Arab Spring, revolts in Spain and Portugal are to blame.

The Euro went back a bit against the Japanese currency to 115.44 yen against 115.22 yen Friday. The dollar was in recovery against the yen at 80.48 yen 80.31 yen against Friday night.

Rising interest rates and expectations of an increase in reinforcing the attractiveness of a currency, especially against the dollar, which offers a yield close to zero since the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008.

However, investors seem to focus again on the lack of compromise in Europe to offer financial support for Greece which is in great economic difficulty.

Germany's persistence that private creditors share in the cost of the subsequent plan projected aid for Greece is about to be discussed by the working group in charge of the euro area to achieve a coherent plan.

European currencies have also affected from unsatisfactory level indicators of industrialized manufacturing in the euro area than in the UK but also in Sweden.