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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Oil prices weighed down by Employment in US

The price of oil fell sharply Friday in New York, weighed down by strong employment figures sobering.
Stopping a part of the oil production in the Gulf of Mexico will not even possible to change that. A barrel of light sweet crude for October delivery has thus concluded the day at 86.45 dollars on the New York Mercantile Exchange (Nymex), down 2.48 dollars compared to the previous day. The course was even on the verge of reaching the threshold of 85 dollars, then limit its losses by closing.

You will note in passing that the current price fluctuations are far to affect the price of gasoline. Meanwhile in London, the Intercontinental Exchange, a barrel of Brent North Sea crude for October delivery closed at 112.33 dollars, dropping 1.96 dollars.

The courses were largely impacted by the monthly report on employment. However, while a positive balance of recruitment had been found for ten consecutive months and in contrast to analysts' projections, the American economy has not created any jobs in August. However, some analysts had estimated in early trading as climatic conditions in the Gulf of Mexico could reverse the trend, Tropical Storm Lee threatened oil installations producing a quarter of U.S. crude.

However, while almost 48% of oil production in the area was arrested, corresponding to 666,321 barrels per day, and 33% of offshore gas extraction, prices could rise. Another disturbing fact: according to forecasts from Barclays Capital, gasoline consumption in the United States fell by 4.1% in annual slippery during the summer period, however, conducive to the mobility of Americans.