Tuesday, December 15, 2009



The announcement of Dubai world seeking a stand still in debt servicing clearly indicates, that the Global financial crisis is not yet over.

 The economy of Dubai had relied on the massive borrowings. It build the economy mostly on trade,reality and tourism. Moreover Dubai invested largely in foreign assets such as Casinos luxury hotels. Ocean liners, properties  etc. Its economy is substantially financed by international borrowing.

In 2007   global financial melt down hit its growth, trade and tourism very hardly, resulting in entire collapse of commercial trade abandoned construction projects,unoccupied  commercial complexes, which lead the property prizes to tumbled down to its bottom.

At this juncture servicing the huge debts raised to create these assets became difficult. The Dubai world one of the government owned company owing nearly $60 billion to international banks asked for a  stand still as regards debt servicing from its borrowers for six months since late November.

Here it is very important to discuss how this same crisis was handled by both US and Dubai. In US the capitalistic country several private banks, including investment banks have been bailed out of with large dose of public or other wise  taxpayers money. But in Dubai the international lenders to the government owned entities have been left alone to handle the massive credit related problems. In Dubai government  entities are substantially in excess of the GDP of the country hence it considered a sovereign risk in the conventional sense of the term.

 The international banks which lend to Dubai world are in no financial position to take even a partial write down on these assets. It is now certain that the process of cleaning up bad debts and recapitalising them.

After the Dubai world travails, the international credit market unlikely to offer government owned corporates without  an explicit sovereign guarantee .


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