Thursday, December 17, 2009

Economy and Stock Markets

Economy and Stock Markets
Are Economic growth and Stock Markets are interrelated. Half of the economists will say ‘Yes’ and half of them will say ‘No’.
According to me it is ‘Yes’. Stock Markets and Economic growth are interrelated because the rise of Stock Markets would attract small investors into the Market which will propel the stock Markets further, which in turn fuel the start of new companies and projects, which in turn help grow Economy.
A rising Stock Market would invite retail Investors and Foreign Investors to invest in the Stock Markets through secondary Markets and also through Initial Public offerrings. This process will infuse huge amount of idle money into the system
The money that came for circulation would be used by the companies to expand, backwared integrate and forward integrate. Thus the production capacities of all companies increases, so they produce more end products.
These end products has to be sold and this will be done by exploring new Markets locally or internationly. Thus the earnings of the companies will increase, which in turn means increased tax for Governments.
Thus a rising stock Market will surely propel a Economic growth.


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