Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A successful Stocks and Commodities Trader

Successful trading comes from experience and experience comes from only after spending money and time in the Markets. A trader is considered only if he trades and makes money in bull or bear markets.
Proper analysis and strict financial discipline are the two important factors that are very crucial for a trader to be successful. Successful Traders have developed a good trading system after prolonged testing of the trading system.
 A trading system may be of any kind but over a period, it should show good results, irrespective of any Market. Until you design a trading system, try experimenting with your system till you are satisfied with the system. This is not going to be a easy process.
Once you have found a successful trading system that works for you, you need to test the system for number of times for Profits and losses before you use it in real time.
A trader you trades the markets without proper trading system is destined to lose. So, designing a trading system is the half way mark for a successful trading. The next part is financial discipline.
Financial discipline is nothing but executing your trades based only on your system with proper entry and exit levels. The loss from any trade should be less and the profit from the trade should be more.
Successful mastering of developing a trading system and following it with discipline would surely make a successful Trader.


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