Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Market Cycles

I have observed that any free markets in the world are behaving cyclically. Careful examination of the time period taken by the market in each legs reveal that they are behaving rythematically.

It seems world Equity markets are moving in 33 year cycle. A new bull market is started in Dow Jones Index in 1950 and it continued for 1983 and the current leg is likely to terminate 2016.

Whenever equity markets are in last phase of a cycle, Bullion markets are behaving in opposite direction of the equity Market. So, Equit Markets are in bull phase if Gold Markets are in bear phase and Gold marekts are in bull phase, when Equity Markets are in bear Phase.

The 1970s Bull Market in the International Equity Markets were lead by Japan. The 1980s and 1990s Bull Market in Equity Markets are lead by south East Asian Countries. The 2000s Bull Market is lead by India and China. So the next bull market is likley to be lead by some other new countries.

The smart Investors should always look for the right Market to invest and the right marktet to withdraw their funds. It will not be profitable for anyone to hold on to their same investments in all period.

Market cycles will help you to time the market at appropriate time. So do study the Market cylces and take investment decisions based on the study for profitable Investments.

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