Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is it worth giving Noble peace prize to Obama?

Is it worth giving Noble peace prize to Obama?

Ever before completing one year in office and even before any Major policy change by the US President, the Nobel Committee announced Nobel Peace prize.

Even before he performs, he was given the Nobel prize. I wont argue that he is unfit to get the award, he has all the qualifications to get it. Had he been given the award after 2 or 3 years in office, It would have been appreciated by the all quarters.

Many people of questioning the decision. Many feel it is pre mature and biased. I too astonishe on hearing that. I thought at that time, normally Nobel prize would be given to the achivements already done but here it is given that he will achieve those objectives in future.

Anywhere prizes will not be given for the things that will be done in the future. The awarding of Nobel prize to Obama seems like that. I don’t understand if there is no other person in the world is fit to get that award for this year.

But one thing is sure, as he has got the Nobel peace prize, we would not indulge in further military activities in anywhere in the world. From that angle, I really appreciate the Nobel prize Committee for awarding the prize to Obama.

But in the future, if Noble prizes are given in this manner, then it would surely show Nobel prize as laughing Stock and also it will loose its respect it is command among the people.


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