Saturday, December 12, 2009

Technical Analysis Introduction-2

In latter years , in the course of market history many analyst propounded their own theory, and new indicators are introduced .Many indicators based on momentum have become popular nowadays .

Japanese candlestick techniques are used along traditional western charting techniques.

The price of a security represents a agreement between a buyer and seller. It is the price at which the buyer decides to buy and the seller decides to sell.

If he expects the price to move up, he will buy it. If the investor expects the price to move down, then he will sell it.

Humans as a individual, are not easily predictable. But as a crowd their behavior is predictable. A individual as a member of a crowd would behave differently.

Because of the participation of people of various emotions, anticipation and expectation, the market movement is unpredictable. Because of this there is always a gap between demand and supply which makes the prices to swing constantly .

Technical analysis, in other words is the study of this demand and supply ,and anticipate price changes.


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