Thursday, April 28, 2011

Components of a business plan

Rapid synthesis of the development plan in a few dozen lines, the executive summary should present the key points of the project to enable donors (shareholders and banks) to prompt a general idea and make them want to know more.
This includes:
- Presentation of the offer
- Description of the contract
- Description of Team
- Financing

Presentation of the offer of products / services:
The fundamental purpose of this section is to reach out clearly the characteristics of products and / or services.
The highlighted are:
- The nature of the offer
- Advancement Project
- Key technologies, patents, trademarks
- Prices and rates charged or proposed

Market - Competitive Environment
The market is a delicate operation, especially in emerging markets.
- Market characteristics and actors involved
- Customers

The development plan is a management tool that is needed to draw lessons from the past and allow some adjustment. As such, the plan should include objectives that steps the company will achieve.

Business strategies:
The purpose of this section is to outline the strategies adopted to achieve the objectives. The key elements of this offer are products, pricing, distribution and communication.

Management Team - Management - Human Resources:
It is present in this part of the project's key people in describing their role, their experiences and their complement  are  to reveal the correspondence between them and the project.

Legal Aspects:
The description of the legal structure and capital allocation, as well as policy changes in the capital, is needed to assess the degree of coherence of the legal structure chosen (with the possible obstacles or constraints) in relation to development considered the company.
- Form - Calendar
- Changes in share capital
- Industrial Protection.


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