Monday, June 13, 2011

Adoption of the Directive ISA, Was it a compromise? Part.III

The agreement on the principle of supervision by ESMA passport allows France to take the chairmanship of the G20 in a strong position on the progress of work relating to the supervision of European financial markets.

Directive ISA ruled on the delegation of function of management companies and hedge funds of their depositors. Overall it adds considerably to its terms.

The delegation function is to use a third party to perform the tasks for which an actor is originally mandated. At the management company of AIF, the delegation of two types of functions, portfolio management and risk management, will now be regulated by the Directive. A management company will want to use will now justify an objective reason to use it in order to increase efficiency in the conduct of its business. But it should also be noted that the legislative framework has eased since the adopted version includes the possibility of using the sub-delegation, the possibility of missing the European Commission proposal of April 2009. However, the reporting requirements are considerably increased and the Directive specifies that the management company may delegate to the verge of becoming a "mailbox company", a term already used in the UCITS Directive.

At the depository, the Directive makes a significant change in its area of responsibility by delegating its functions. It is imposed an obligation of result as it was until now under an obligation of means (having led the due diligence necessary to meet the quality standards expected). Although Made off has already dramatically changed the spirit of the obligations to be met by depositories, with the conviction in France of two players to repay funds whose assets were delegates at Lehman Brother, nothing was previously written in this form. The consultation on UCITS depositaries, led by the European Commission during the summer of 2009, had already identified a need for clarification of the responsibilities of trustees. It seems that the message was taken up for hedge funds.


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