Friday, June 10, 2011

The art of negotiation among management companies Part.I

Management companies are now undergoing profound changes to align their organization with their environment more and more moving. This activity is at the heart of recent regulatory changes in the regulation of European financial system. After the global changes they all are impacting the heart of business asset managers who need to rethink the scope of their job to keep the heart of their market share. There is also a strategic repositioning of universal banks with the creation of joint ventures or transfers.

Faced with such a movement, strategic thinking have addressed the issue of operational efficiency and focusing on the heart of art. Markets in Financial Instruments Directive without being itself the cause put a spotlight on the art of negotiation in most facilities asset management.

Historically, the art of negotiation is provided by the portfolio managers. These are dedicated portfolio management (analysis and monitoring of values, investment strategies, risk monitoring and ratios, respect of management objectives) but also the passing of orders. This second activity is highly time-consuming, to the detriment of the former which constitutes the real value of the managers. The introduction of Markets in Financial Instruments Directive, with the proliferation of trading venues, but also implemented the policy of "best execution" (obligation to justify the application of best execution to the client), has added trading activity. In order to process orders in the best possible conditions, management companies must connect to the main trading venues so that they can offer their customers the most advantageous terms. This search for best execution (both in terms of price, safety, reliability and traceability) requires an overhaul of the processing chain of command.


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