Friday, June 10, 2011

The art of negotiation among management companies Part.II

The idea has made its way to separate business management and negotiation. This segregation has the advantage of refocusing the business of asset managers on their heart and professionalizes the art of negotiation with the function of internal or external specialists.

Overall, the large organizations are possible for the trading activity in corporate management. The organization currently in place in most societies, is to entrust the job of negotiating with managers Organization. This model is suitable for entrepreneurial companies with a reduced size. For the latter, the separation of functions does not make sense because the economies of scale will not be sufficient to cover investment and fixed costs of a dedicated table. Consideration is still to carry out in order to study the possibility of a negotiating table outsourced Organization if they want to outsource this activity.

The first two organizations are in place historically. They remain highly topical for asset managers wishing to retain this activity in-house growth despite its complexity. Indeed, outsourcing is not always the best answer. The best evidence for activity reporting, which is considered strategic for many players despite the maturity of the market for outsourcing by the Custodians. The price test is a key element since the investment for the implementation of a table is important, the order of 1 to 4 million Euros, with a recurring cost close to 2 million Euros year. At this price, it is not opportune to embark on such a structure for less than 20 billion Euros in assets under management. Given these numbers, why reflections flourish among asset managers who are considering very seriously the outsourcing of this business after having already outsourced recovery, back office, middle office and more sporadically reporting?


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