Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Effects of Adoption of Directive ISA Part.II

The novelty is real alternative for players, but already partially implemented by many of the banks after 2008 under pressure from governments. Part 3 on the CRD remuneration’s extension is to hedge funds relatively quick. A substantial increase in the fixed part is to provide for categories of personnel involved in hedge funds, like what the investment banks have made since 2009 in anticipation of regulatory restrictions bonuses.

In the market for asset management, anticipation of the adoption of the directive has had the effect of fostering the development of a new type of funds, qualified by the industry "Newcits. These funds are in place alternative management strategies usually developed by hedge funds in the regulatory framework.

The combination of an uncertain legal environment and the ability to raise funds from a new segment of investors, have decided the alternative managers to develop their strategy through UCITS vehicles. The entry into force of the UCITS IV Directive in July 2011, and the possibility for UCITS to receive a European passport for marketing in the EU could also weigh in the choice. This enthusiasm is reflected in the numbers: between September 2008 and May 2010 the number of funds Newcits almost doubled, from 270 to 520 funds and assets under administration from 45 to nearly 90 billion Euros.

Symbolizing the development of this type of fund, the index "Ucits HFX Index" to track the overall performance of these funds, was launched in February 2010. In view of investors, this new category of funds has some attractive compared to traditional hedge funds: diversification, leverage, valuation and liquidity are strictly supervised.


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