Thursday, June 9, 2011

Issues in Online distribution channel for home loans Part.I

How to make a prospect or client to be autonomous in the construction of its real estate financing plan? Or even how the economy of many supporting documents? These are a few issues of the dematerialization of the customer relationship applied to the distribution of credits by the web channel habitats.

The challenge worth noting, as the benefits are numerous web channel, for both the bank and the customer:

    * Reduce distribution costs by shifting by the user part of the inquiry process 
    * Limiting the use of physical network infrastructure
    * Provide faster response times, major differentiating the market

The benefits are plentiful, and are now well identified.

What are the issues and therefore the remaining barriers to be overcome to capture the opportunity that is developing the web channel for the distribution of housing finance products?

Online brokerage, through everyday banking and savings, operating the web channel for the distribution of financial products has greatly expanded. After the democratization of the device for consumer loans, it is logical to think that home loans will naturally follow the trend.

And since 42% of bank customers will use banking services online by 2013.  Further stress that in 2009, 17.9% of those who are under 30 years had a housing loan, cons about 9% in 1999. Familiar and major users of new Internet solutions, the 18-30 age segments are mature, ready for distribution of product through the web.
Banks must be careful and think about the development of this channel for the distribution of mortgages, especially since it is a technological showcase for a ticket and a relatively modest technology is now well controlled in nationalized banks. 



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