Saturday, June 18, 2011

Micro Insurance, Natural Complement of Microcredit Part.I

After demonstrating his interest in developing countries, micro-insurance - like micro-credit - investing developed countries. As proof, two offerings aimed at micro insurance. Little publicized the world of micro nevertheless exciting. According to a study of DCASPL, 1 January 2004 there were 2.39 million in France microenterprises alone that too, more than 95% of European companies. All of these micro-employed 5,798,700 people, that is to say one quarter of salaried jobs, and generated the same year more than 8% of exports. In other words, micro enterprises are companies that have real economic importance, and much more, social.

Interesting phenomenon, according to INSEE figures for 2004, more than 220,000 microenterprises have been established. And nearly a third of the creators were unemployed (half for more than a year). That is to say that a large proportion of these newly created small organizations, which are inherently fragile, are supported by people particularly vulnerable.

To address this vulnerability, micro entrepreneurs can find support from actors to promote economic initiatives such as PACE, ADIE. In addition to expert advice, these players offer solutions to meet the needs of two main creators: to finance their project and manage risks.

Broadly, there are three main types of risks faced by micro entrepreneurs:

* The damage that the company may suffer in case of disaster;
* The damage could cause the company to third parties;
* Risks that relate to people (health, disability ...).

While microcredit is now well accepted in France among the types of funding, micro insurance is currently not among the first their risk management solution. Yet it is a natural extension of microcredit, to secure and sustain the long term activity initiated by the micro-entrepreneur.
The first offering micro insurance was launched in France by Contractors of the City in December 2006. This "First Insurance Package" provides a standardized insurance policy covering the three major types of risks faced by micro entrepreneurs and comprehensive coverage including professional liability, Welfare and Health.


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